Eureka Cartridges – 1G

Eureka Cartridges – 1G





Buy Eureka Cartridges Online Eureka carts for sale Due to the brand’s popularity, it is not surprising that a lot of counterfeit products of Eureka vape would be out in the market. For some, it could be really hard to tell the fakes from the real ones since they have the nearly the same packaging, but having the current version is key. You would really need to examine the packaging thoroughly to spot the difference. Dupe vapes may come in cheaper, but the danger it brings to your health is not worth the risk.

If you check online shopping sites for Eureka Vapor, you would encounter that a lot of these are fakes. A lot of suppliers based in China, would manufacture these Eureka vape empty cartridge with packaging. Scammers would fill them up with impure and hazardous oils.

So how can you tell the authentic Eureka Vapor from the counterfeits? One major red flag is luckily easy to spot…

If you’re buying ones with old packing, it’s very likely that they’re fake

Eureka Vapor’s has stopped distributing products in their clam shell packing over a year ago, but today you can still find some sellers who sell the old packaging and claim that they’re old stocks. If it’s in the clamshell packaging, it is a fake Eureka Vapor cart.

eureka vapor original packaging
Eureka Vapor’s old packaging. They stopped distributing in this packaging.Photo credit: @eurekavapor

Below are images of what some online websites are selling. They sell empty fake cartridges, which can easily be filled with fake oil and sold in the market. It looks similar to the old teardrop shaped clam shell packaging Eureka Vapor used to sell.

fake eureka vapor packaging
Fake Eureka Vapor carts sold online

Authentic Eureka Vapor packaging comes in boxes

The current Eureka vapes are all sold in child proof boxes and bags. You can buy them from licensed shops in California and Colorado. If you want to be extra sure, check out the available packaging on their website.

The images below are the authentic ones, exclusively distributed by Eureka Vapor.Buy Eureka Cartridges Online Eureka carts for sale

Photo of authentic Eureka Vapor. Photo credit: @eurekavapor
Other packaging designs of Eureka vapes. Photo credit: @eurekavapor

A lot of users out there still get confused if the vape they are purchasing is authentic or not. This article was made to make you aware that there are fake ones of the Eureka Vapor brand are out there. The simple tip mentioned here to spot the fake ones can be a big help especially for those who aren’t fully aware of what the typical characteristics of the counterfeit Eureka Vapor cartridges are. Buy Eureka Cartridges Online Eureka carts for sale


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