Strawberry Hemp Gummies1500 mg



Hemp gummies have become extremely popular because they offer a tasty and enjoyable consumption method. While tinctures may have a bad taste, gummies are sweet and delicious. They also provide a straightforward means of taking hemp on the go, without the risk of any products leaking in your bag.

Premium Jane’s 25mg strawberry hemp gummies for sale offer a delicious fruit flavour that masks the taste of hemp. As a result, you get to genuinely enjoy the product you’re consuming, making it easy to form a habit.

Our gummies contain a proprietary formulation that includes high-quality hemp extract, corn syrup, and fruit pectin. The lack of gelatine, the ingredient in most gummies, ensures that Premium Jane’s gummies are entirely vegan-friendly. That way, all of our customers can enjoy our products no matter their dietary preferences.

Plus, Premium Jane lab tests all products for quality assurance, proving that our gummies are free of toxins and heavy metals.


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