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Buy Neville’s Haze Online Buy Neville’s Haze Online in Australia Neville’s Haze is a mostly Haze derived strain that won first place in the seeds division of the 1998 High Times Cannabis Cup. Buy Cartridges Online Australia 

The Haze heritage leads to a strong Sativa style high that clouds the mind with euphoric giggly bliss. Though powerful the effects are not the kind to keep most users rooted as they feel a rise in creative juices and a need to be productive when consumed in low doses. Though a wonderful strain it still carries the usual negative effects of dry eyes and mouth, with some users experiencing dizziness, headaches, and paranoia. Buy Marijuana in Perth 

This strain has been known to have a THC content as high as 21 percent and is most often recommended to patients suffering from chronic depression, stress, and anxiety. Buy Blue Dream Online 

Others have chosen to use it to take the focus away from their cage of chronic pain. A few users have found reprieve from their restless nights of insomnia through Neville’s Haze as well. The strain is also chosen to alleviate nausea and the effects of glaucoma. Buy Cannabis online Perth 

Neville’s Haze is the product of the Spice Brothers. They chose to mix Haze (Sativa) with Northern Lights (Indica), the end result being only 25 percent Indica. True Neville’s Haze can be a real pain to grow as it is very finicky about pH levels and can take up to 14 weeks to finish flowering. The yield is also on the smaller side usually closer to 250 grams per meter squared but with a lot of attention, it is possible to reach a yield of up to 500 grams. Not recommended for the average or amateur grower, this strain grows best indoors in hydroponics grow set up. Buy Northern Light Online 


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