Buy Weed Online Australia

We Protect your Privacy

The Iweed Stores website is proudly hosted in Australia and designed with both security and privacy in mind.

Buy Weed Online Australia

Tracking Number

We provide tracking numbers to all iweed Australia customers. This tracking number will enable you know the location of your parcel at that time

Buy Weed Online Australia

Enchaced Call Center

We provide customer support via phone or email our agents are always online 247 to help you with purchase or delivery

Buy Weed Online Australia

Iweed: the only place to shop non-medical cannabis online in Australia
Discover Iweed Stores’ diverse range of edibles, concentrates, cannabis oils, capsules, CBD oils, pre-rolls, and dried flower—available in indica, sativa, and hybrid options with varying potencies of CBD and THC. Cannabis accessories are also available to purchase. Buy Weed Online Australia

We bring cannabis to you directly to your doorstep with little or no delay delivery Buy Weed Online Australia

Buy Weed Online Australia
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Why choose us

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Unified Communications

Our customers enjoy 24/7 customer support from our dedicated team ready to help

Clear, Reliable and Resilient

Serving our client has been our goal we ensure delivery within the given time 2-3 days

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Getting good products may be difficuly in Australia don't worry our weed comes from USA

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Security Services

We don't disclose your identity to anyone no matter the case you are 100% secured

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shipping & Quality Monitoring

We offer shipping and tracking with all orders. Tracking information is given when orders are shipped.

Simple Payment

Odering weed online in Australia has never been this easy place your order and pay with Osko or Bpay

Dedication to Quality

When you shop with us, you can be absolutely confident that every single product we offer is of the highest quality. We’re believers in the importance of quality, so we offer products only from the best sources. What you put into your body determines the state of your health, so we’ve ensured that every product you can find on our store has been produced with careful hands, bred using the best practices, and has gone through various levels of review to confirm its quality. Our customers can have complete confidence that they’re getting the very best in Australian weed. The quality from our online weed shop is what separates us from other vendors. Buy pills online in Australia 

Fast, Free Shipping

Your mail order marijuana can be delivered to your doorstep within days from our locations in Australia. One of the concerns when you buy weed online is the speed of the shipment, but when you shop with us, you can have complete peace of mind knowing your shipment will arrive on-time. We use Canada Xpress post, and deliveries typically take 2-3 days. Once you submit your order, you will be emailed a tracking number to follow the status of your shipment. You’ll know exactly where your package is and when it’ll arrive. Best of all, we offer free shipping. Buy Cannabis online in Australia 

Complete Privacy

Any information that’s given to us will be handled securely. We don’t share any information with other parties, and your order will be packaged discreetly. We help you maintain anonymity and our packaging prevents Auspost from knowing the contents of the shipment. When you shop with an online store in Australia, security is paramount, so we make great efforts to ensure that no information is spilled to other parties


Reliable Customer Service

At Iweed Australia , we always place our customers first. Whenever you need us, our customer service is ready to serve you by answering your questions, handling special requests, and doing whatever’s necessary to leave you satisfied. When you buy weed online, problems and setbacks can occur, so it helps to have a customer service team that can efficiently and quickly resolve any issues you may have. Whether it’s an issue with the shipment, a mistake with the order, or a simple question or request, you can always depend on us to respond in a timely manner and handle whatever problem you encounter. Buy Weed Online Australia Buy edibles online Australia Weight Loss Supplements


Affordable Pricing

Buying weed online shouldn’t break the bank. At Iweed Australia, you can get the very best in marijuana and CBD at the fraction of the cost when compared against other online weed dispensaries. Our selection of concentrates, edibles, CBD, flowers, topicals, and tinctures give you a full selection of amazing medical marijuana products. If you’re on the hunt for cheap weed that’s also of very high quality, our store offers everything you need. There is no better place to buy cheap, high-quality weed online in Australia than Iweed Australia 

Multiple Product

Flowers. This is the flowering part of the cannabis plant, and our store offers Indica, Sativa, hybrids, and more. Our flowers are the result of quality farmers and breeders producing amazing marijuana. Enjoy a multitude of strains.

Concentrates. Our selection of concentrates gives you the very best in cannabis without the lingering impurities from the plant. The result is a greater amount of cannabinoids and terpenes, helping you get the most from the cannabis plant. Enjoy shatter, capsules, hash, live resin, and so much more.

Edibles. One of the best ways to get your dose of THC is through edibles. We offer a variety of candy edibles that are both tasty and jam-packed with the cannabinoids and terpenes you need. Who can say “no” to delicious treats like Jelly Fishers, Rainbow Sherbert, and Sour Cola Bottles?

CBD & Cannabinoids. Enjoy the therapeutic benefits of the cannabis plant without the psychoactivity of THC. Cannabidiol (CBD) is the second-most-common cannabinoid produced by the cannabis plant, and it has a wide range of potential uses. Get your daily dose of CBD through tinctures or capsules.