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is it legal to buy cbd in australia?
CBD: Legal in Australia, but legally hard to get Can you legally buy CBD in Australia? You might be surprised to learn that the answer is yes – but is pretty much inaccessible. Despite the legalisation of cannabis for medical use in 2016, CBD’s legality still remains a debate in Australia. CBD is legal in Australia and […]
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Can you buy legal Cannabis in New South Wales (NSW)? Looking for cannabis in NSW? Not sure how to access weed in NSW? Looking for weed prices in NSW? This page is designed to answer those questions. New South Wales, Australia’s largest economy, follows strict protocols around the supply of Cannabis supply to citizens of […]
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Cannabis is yet to be totally legalized in Australia. It can be used for Medical purposes but not recreational use. That’s a loss to Western Australia (WA) and a legislative situation which does not address WA’s needs. Statistics reveal that Western Australians have the highest Cannabis usage reports in the country, according to a 2010 […]
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